For over 20 years, Thoma-Sea has been active in constructing high quality vessels for the commercial sector. Established in 1990 to construct inland & offshore tugs, we quickly expanded into the production of ship escorts...

About Us


Thoma-Sea has delivered a range of projects, including:

Offshore Tugs designed for towing and anchor handling from 4,200 hp up to 11,000 hp, SOLAS Classed.

Ship Escort Tugs utilizing 360-degree azimuthin propulsion (Z-Drives) ranging from 4,000 hp - 6,500 hp, the largest in excess of 80 tons of bollard pull.

PSVs ranging from 140' - 310' in various classes, including SOLAS, DP-2 class vessels (two 310' SOLAS, DP-2 vessels are under construction) with the capability to build up to, and depending on configuration, in excess of 310' in length.

Various Inland Tow Boats ranging to 3,000 hp.

Several fishing vessels for the US and Foreign waters.

In addition to a wide range of projects, Thoma-Sea is highly experienced in utilizing the latest technologies during design and repair, including but not limited to:

Autodesk AutoCad Design Suite
3-D Computer modeling, using Rhino or Ship Constructor
CNC Metal Cutting

Automated & Semi-Automated welding procedures
Advanced CFD Hull Form Testing