New Construction

Our in-house experience in vessel design and construction boasts access to a significant library of proven designs, along with the ability to develop new designs to meet virtually any demand.

We also have relationships with several leading Naval Architectural firms that allow us to adapt designs to specific needs, utilizing the resources of top engineering professionals with proven results for our customers.

Combined with our experience for design and vessel fabrication, we’re confident we can build exactly what you’re looking for.

Newly Constructed Vessel
Vessel Conversion & Repair - Work

Vessel Conversion & Repair

In addition to new construction, we also offer vessel conversion and repair. We’re adept at retrofitting and repairing ships, Tugs Barges PSV conversion, and more.

Dry Docks

With 5 dry docks we have the capabilities to service a wide variety of vessels:

  • Dry Dock 1: Built 2009
    – 200’ x 70’ (between wingwalls)
    – 2,500 ton lift

  • Dry Dock 2: Built 2011
    – 240’ x 80’ (between wingwalls)
    – 3,500 ton lift
    Certified for Government Work

  • Dry Dock 3: Built 2011
    – 240’ x 80’ (between wingwalls)
    – 3,500 ton lift
    Certified for Government Work

  • Dry Dock 4: Built 2014
    – 320’  x 120’ (between wingwalls)
    – 8,000 ton lift
    Certified for Government work

  • Dry Dock 6: Built 2016
    – 360’ x 140’ (between wingwalls)
    – 10,600 ton lift
    – Bay for servicing retractable thrusters
    Certified for Government work

Metal Processing, Pipe Bending & Spool Fabrication

Metal Processing, Pipe Bending & Spool Fabrication

Finally, we offer a range of metal processing, pipe bending and spool fabrication services, from blueprint design to assembling your finished product

The Hines 800 NC pipe bending machine allows us to bend and shape pipe up 6” sch 80 with a maximum bend angle of 190 degrees. Our Muller Opladen RB 900-6 CNC pipe cutting machine allows us to cut, bevel, and saddle pipe and tubing up to 32” in diameter.

Our resources include a 12,000 square foot machine shop and 168,500 square feet of covered fabrication shops, making it easy for us to meet nearly any request in an efficient and thorough manner.

Exceptional Marine Vessel Repair & Construction, Since 1990