Vessel Repair & Conversion Services

In addition to our extensive shipbuilding capabilities, Thoma-Sea is proud to offer a range of vessel conversion and repair services right here in Louisiana. We boast decades of specialized experience and a dedication to customer satisfaction that can’t be matched.

We’re adept at retrofitting and repairing boats, barges, platform supply vessel  conversions, and more. Our machine shop has the capability to fabricate and repair shafts up to 20 inches in diameter.

Coast Guard Vessel Repair

Retrofitting & Ship Repair

Building new marine vessels is expensive and time-consuming. Thoma-Sea offers a wide range of repair capabilities and capacity so we can meet virtually any need our clients have. We can handle your mechanical, structural, electrical, or electronic systems as well as control systems, paint and coating, habitability and joiner systems, and more. With several hundred years of combined experience, our team is well-versed in everything from common repairs to highly technical issues.

We recommend regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your ship in shape—but when disaster strikes, Thoma-Sea is available for emergency repairs, too. Our floating dry dock capacity and in-house machine shop makes it possible for us to go the extra mile for our clients.

After all, having even one commercial vessel out of order can incur a huge financial loss for your company. Unexpected repairs lead to losses in operations as well as profit, plus logistical nightmares: finding a place to unload cargo, locating a nearby ship repair facility, and waiting for the repairs to conclude. In order to prevent that, be sure to take your fleet to Thoma-Sea.

We’ll repair and retrofit your vessels as quickly as we can in order to minimize your losses.

Platform Supply Vessel Conversion

The decline of drilling for offshore gas and oil has led to an oversupply of out-of-work platform supply vessels (PSVs). Platform supply vessels are now often sold for below-value rates, making them a great option for vessel conversion into commercial fishing boats.

PSVs are great for fishing conversions because they supply the necessary deck space to support the catch, freezing, and processing areas as well as crew accommodations and plenty of engine space. Since new commercial fishing vessels can cost in the millions to build, purchasing a below-market platform supply vessel makes it economical, green, and fast to add more boats to your fleet.

Of course, a PSV’s new lease on life isn’t limited to converting only fishing vessels—they can be appropriate for a number of different commercial uses, and in some cases, have been transformed into super-yachts. The team at Thoma-Sea would be happy to discuss your personal or private marine vessel needs, and transform them into reality.

Our expert in-house design and construction teams work with clients to meet each of their needs, and we use the latest technology to ensure your converted vessel is seaworthy for years to come.

Ace Rudder Repair

The Finest Facilities

We know that commercial vessels are a significant financial and time investment for companies, which is why Thoma-Sea has on-site facilities for repair and conversion. We utilize top of the line, state of the art technology and highly skilled, trained employees and contractors so that we can confidently provide you with reliable and cost-effective repairs.

Thoma-Sea is constantly expanding our dry docks and repair facilities. Routine ship maintenance and repair constitutes about 90% of any shipyard’s business, and we’re ready to meet the demands of the industry.

To learn more about how Thoma-Sea can convert or repair your existing vessel, contact us today. Our highly skilled design and construction teams love working with individual clients to get exactly the results they need, on a timetable they can trust.

Exceptional Marine Vessel Repair & Construction, Since 1990