Vessel Fabrication

When it comes to vessel fabrication, Thoma-Sea is the leader among Gulf Coast shipyards.

We offer custom vessel construction in our dedicated facilities by a team of highly trained experts. We have an in-house design and construction team with access to a significant library of proven designs—and the ability to develop new designs. Our relationships with several leading Naval Architectural firms further allow us to adapt designs to our client’s specific needs. Thoma-Sea has a reputation for building quality lasting vessels compliant with all applicable regulations.

Today, shipbuilding is a complex mix of engineering and art. By expanding our facilities in both Lockport and the Port of Terrebonne, we’re able to deliver marine vessels with specific dimensions, capabilities, and features on time and at competitive prices.

Whether you’re interested in using our design and construction expertise through the entire ship building process, or you need us for specific areas or phases only, Thoma-Sea has an exceptional team of naval architects, engineers and labor specialists who can guide you through the process and keep you involved.

Marine Construction Design & Repair Experts

Thoma-Sea is highly experienced in utilizing the latest technologies during design and repair, including, but not limited to:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite. AutoCAD is the backbone of 3-D printing and computer modeling, and we use it to assist our design plans.
  • 3-D computer modeling. Using Rhino or Ship Constructor, the latest in 3-D printing technology allows us to make models, scientific equipment and small structures.
  • CNC metal cutting. Our CNC cutting machines offer high-speed, laser precision, helping us turn out the highest quality components on tight schedules.
  • Automated & semi-automated welding procedures. Robotic welding procedures help increase accuracy, speed, and repetition.
  • Advanced CFD Hull Form Testing. CFD—Computational Fluid Dynamics—allow designers and engineers to build lighter, faster, and more efficient hulls.

Barge Fabrication Facility

Thoma-Sea believes in the importance of keeping up to date on the latest shipbuilding technologies.

We ensure our employees and contractors are highly skilled in their specializations, including ongoing training and education. If you’re interested in a specific kind of technology, feel free to contact us.

Our Construction Projects

We’re well-equipped to pull off nearly any marine construction project imaginable, from our design and construction team to our extensive facilities and waterfront access.

Some of our past projects have included:

  • Offshore Tugs
    Ocean tugs designed for towing and anchor handling from 4,200hp to over 11,000hp.
  • ATB’s (Articulated Tug Barge Unit)
    ATB designs from 3000 HP and up.
  • Ship Escort Tugs
    Our ship escort tugs utilize a 360-degree azimuthing propulsion (Z-Drives) and range from 4,000hp and up.
  • Platform Supply Vessels (PSV’s)
    Our PSV’s range from 140′ – 300′ in various classes, including environmentally friendly and state of the art Diesel Electric Vessel in excess of 6200LT deadweight.
  • Well Stimulation Vessels
    Highly Complex vessels for well stimulation servicing the Mexican Oilfield in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Inland Towboats
    Thoma-Sea constructs and repairs a variety of inland towboats, ranging up to 3,000hp.

  • Fishing Vessels
    We are experienced with constructing fishing vessels that are compliant for both United States and foreign waters.
  • Survey Vessels
    Thoma-Sea builds survey vessels for hydrography, general oceanography, marine habitats, salvage, dredging, and marine archaeology.
New Construction - Taylor James

Collaborative Design & Vessel Fabrication

From contracts to working plans to fabrication, building a ship is a collaborative effort. Our skilled team has decades of experience working together to meet our clients’ needs. Each vessel we build requires careful timetable planning in order to allocate every necessary resource so that we can meet our deadlines. Not only will we consult with our clients, but we are also well-versed in all applicable safety standards and regulations. You can be confident that Thoma-Sea will provide you with a seaworthy vessel exactly when you need it.

Modern Shipbuilding in Louisiana

Before the advent of welding, ships were typically built on building berths. Now, however, we are able to construct large portions of the ship separately—for example, the bow or the stern—and assemble them at the building berth later. Thanks to dry-docking and our fabrication facilities, we’re able to perform shipbuilding tasks completely under cover. Our Houma Facility Launches the vessels via one of our dry docks. While the Lockport Facility utilizes the traditional side launch.

Thoma-Sea has multiple state-of-the-art facilities that allow us to simultaneously serve multiple clients. After our ships are built, they’re carefully tested and inspected before delivery. This guarantees you the highest quality product at our competitive rates.

To learn more about how Thoma-Sea can build the newest member of your fleet, contact us today. Our highly skilled design and construction teams love working with individual clients to get exactly the results they need.

New Hull Vessel Fabrication

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